Yodhi Bergman & Jerry Ray Exhibition: 17th May – 2nd June


Opening Event: May 17th, 5pm – 8 pm

Exhibition dates: May 17th – June 2nd

Gallery Open Times: Fri, Sat & Sun, 11 am – 5 pm

Jerry Ray – ‘Winter Dreams’
“After focusing on detailed works to accompany stories for many years, I’ve spent the last year in Germany exploring new ways to approach illustrative and symbolic storytelling; working larger, with simpler concepts and moving from fixed and static moments of a story to arrangements of symbols that tell whole stories by themselves. Winter Dreams is a bit of a haphazard collection that documents a journey I would describe as – a movement towards honesty. I see some of these drawings as windows into foreign worlds or dreams, with some of them as songs, spells or entire dreams themselves.

Yodhi Bergman – ‘Continually Flowing Waters’

“My paintings are totemic images that come from an imagined folklore that is based on strong identifications throughout a lifetime. Continually Flowing Waters is a representation of connection through lineage. These works explore weaving a strong yet severed connection with an undeniable spirituality associated with the natural place where one originates and is formed, into the place of present and mirroring these into the future almost to exist as artefacts.”