Women of Troy – 16th March (TWO SHOWS ONLY!)


Eagle’s Nest Theatre Company is proud to present Euripides’ Women of Troy! This is a heartbreaking, powerful tragedy that explores the fate of the Trojan women and children after their city falls to the Greeks in battle. Over 2,000 years old, this may be the oldest surviving anti-war play, and is certainly the best-known. This story of violence, heartbreak and survival, told not by the mighty heroes, but instead by the women who survive them, and it is unarguably still relevant today.




Women of Troy, also known as The Trojan Women, is one of Euripides greatest works. It deals with the painful fate of the Trojan women and children after their defeat to the Greek army and the infamous Trojan Horse. It is probably the biggest anti-war play ever written and what makes it even more tragic is that a play written over two thousand years ago is still so relevant today.

As the #me2 movement spirals around the world, it cannot be more appropriate than now to put on this masterpiece, which also addresses the issues of violence against women. This production is beautiful, tragic and unforgettable as we get drawn into Hecuba’s world and with that the world of all the women of troy. The message of the play is brought to life through the actors, movement, music, dance and fire that will create unforgettable images and sounds.

This play evokes questions that are constantly brought up, the believes that are always being questioned and the history of the time where foundations of our human believes stem from.


DURATION: 120 minutes approximately, plus a 20-minute interval.

VENUE INFO: This performance takes place in the outdoor space at Lot19. Please remember to wear appropriate sun protective clothing, and should the weather change please also bring a warm top.

FOOD & DRINK: Bar facilities are available on site, and snack items will be on sale.

WARNINGS: We advise that this performance contains strong themes and may not be suitable for younger viewers.

Two shows only! 1:30/7:30 Sat 16 March. 

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