weaving connections- basketry and fibre arts forum september 15th


Weaving Connections: Basketry & Fibre Arts Forum will be held on
Saturday September 15 at Lot 19 in Castlemaine. This event aims to bring
together Indigenous and non-Indigenous practitioners on the land of the Dja
Dja Wurrung People to celebrate the Regional Centre for Culture in 2018.

The focus of the forum is cultural exchange that aims to foster greater
understanding, to build protocols and to improve networking between
Indigenous and non-Indigenous practitioners. Relevant and appropriate
practitioners will meet to share cultural experiences and discuss the
meaning of weaving in their lives and communities.

The day will feature guest speakers, facilitated discussion and community
artwork. The community artwork will be the creation of Bunjil’s nest that will
involve story telling and weaving. Traditional Owners will lead the creation of
the community artwork but all participants in the forum are encouraged to be
involved. A Welcome to Country that includes a Smoking Ceremony will be
performed to open the event. This forum coincides with a 3-week art
residency by Artists from Durrmu Arts who will travel from the NT to share
their skills and knowledge.

Plan for the day 10am: We will start with Welcome to Country including a Smoking Ceremony by Traditional
Owner Beck Phillips.
10.30am: Project Co-ordinator Jodie Goldring and Cultural Facilitator Laurel Freeland will
introduce the Guest Speakers who will speak for 10 minutes each to share the importance of
weaving in their lives and communities.
Traditional Owner and Master Weaver Aunty Marilyne Nicholls will speak. Aunty Marilyne has
lived most of her life around the Murray River system and its waterways. She was encouraged to
learn how to weave by her mother and taught where to find and how to harvest the native grasses
that she uses for weaving.
Aunty Regina Pilawuk Wilson will speak about the residency she would have just completed with
Artists from Durrmu Arts and tell her story as Traditional Owner and Master Weaver from the NT.
Wendy Golden is a life member of the Basketmakers of Victoria who operates her basketry studio
out of the Abbottsford Convent Creative Studios. She will talk of her work as Sculptural
Basketmaker and her contribution to and experiences with the Basketmakers of Victoria since its
early days in the mid 1980’s.
Sei Sei from the Karen community of weavers, who live in Bendigo, will speak about their
masterful cloth weaving and desire to reinvigorate lost traditions of hat and basket making.
11.30am: M/tea
12pm: Laurel Freeland will facilitate a conversation that addresses key areas that are to be
confirmed. On the panel will be Aunty Marilyne Nicholls, Wendy Golden, Aunty Regina Pilawuk
Wilson and Sei Sei from the Karen community of weavers.
At this early stage of planning we will talk about: intersections & divergence of arts practice
between makers, the history of basketry in the region and Australia, reconciliation, improved
networking, protocols for working together, environmental issues(such as the status of local
plants used for weaving and the health of waterways) and future developments.
1.30pm: Lunch
2.30pm: Dja Dja Wurrung traditional owners will tell their creation story and invite those present
to help to create a community artwork of Bunjil’s Nest.
4pm: Group photo (in Bunjil’s nest) and A/tea
The day will be catered (morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.) for ease and comfort of
participants and the audience.