table et terroir LUNCHEON, NOV 21+22 11:30, with Meg Corson then Kestral

Convivial gastronomy with modern French Mediterranean influence in the goldfields.

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We have a limited capacity of 50 people, so get in quick!
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Table et Terroir is a concept mixing good food and culture as well as providing great locally produced food. We will also have a local artist performing during the lunch creating a jazzy cosy atmosphere.


-tomato and watermelon gaspacho

Gluten free

-homemade boursin and gluten free crackers

Traditional French recipe of fresh goat cheese with white wine and shallots reduction, dill, parsley, chives, garlic served with gluten free crackers made with buckwheat flour and pepitas.

Contains dairy, gluten free.


-Beetroots like a tarte tatin, salted granola, whipped cream, apple gel.

Contains dairy, gluten free.


-Pork belly, beans salad, homemade dried tomatoes, cherry, almond, Pork jus and 3 mustards condiments, fresh tarragon.

Contains eggs.


-Haricots verts à la Parisienne

Green beans with a citrus cream, radish, sliced mushrooms, homemade dried tomatoes, almond, fresh tarragon.


Contains dairy, gluten free..


Rosemary crème brûlée, hazelnut financier and lemon curd, seasonal fruit salad.

Contains dairy, gluten.

55 dollars 5 course vegetarian and 65 dollars 5 course.