The Lot 19 gallery is owned and curated by Mark Anstey (, with Ashley Mariani as co-curator. We are thrilled to have occasional help from volunteers with artistic development, administration and marketing.

The lot 19 property also consists of 19 artists’ and makers’ studios.  Additionally there is a fully functional commercial kitchen and bar that are open for events and special occasions.

Here is a list of some of the artists and makers residing at Lot 19 and what they do here:

MARK ANSTEY- furniture-maker, woodworker, boatbuilder.

Contact: or 0427724149

I have been making beautiful furniture since 1990.

I aim to create personal works of great meaning for my clients, and spend much energy in design.

When i make a drawer, I want it to operate ‘invisibly’ with little impact, not jamming, with the handle the right size for the drawer. I want my clients to look at the furniture after years of living with it, and feel as if it has become a valued part of them, and has enhanced their life.

I also delve into interesting and good quality shop fittings, such as The Local in St Kilda and Darlinghurst.  I’ve also worked locally in Castlemaine fitouts, including local food establishments: Origini, The Good Table, and the Public Inn.

I will consider any request! Anything is possible.

Ashley Mariani – fibre and textile arts


I don’t have a business name or a website cause I’m lame like that and my Instagram features way too many photos of my kids and other people’s art to be appropriate.

I do make art though, which is good, I am also the co-curator of the Lot 19 gallery.

I have a BA in Theatre and work across several mediums including performance art, video installation and text based works on paper.

My main focus over the last 5 years has been in fibre and textile arts.  Abstract embroidery is the bulk of my current practice. I am exploring mindfulness and fluidity within a normal quite rigid and predetermined medium. I have no predetermined outcome in place when I start a piece and instead allow it to evolve and flow as I work on it with a platform of colours and stitches…

I write poetry and make my own clothes in my studio too. And sometimes take naps.

Castlemaine Clay


When Mark Anstey, owner and operator of Lot 19 was gifted a top hat kiln recently the conception of Castlemaine Clay began. We are a nonprofit member-based community organisation that works to bring clay lovers from Castlemaine and surrounds together.

Castlemaine Clay offer their members firing, workshops, artist talks, studio hire, and the opportunity to exhibit their work.

We are just starting up and it’s a long slow process, but we’ll keep you posted along the way. Contact us if you’d like to get involved.



Castlemaine Press


Castlemaine Press is a not-for-profit membership-based organisation, run by committed volunteers.  It is a space to explore printmaking in all its facets. Whether you are a beginner or a master printer, we have equipment and assistance to fulfill your printmaking needs. Our studio has great natural light, presses both large and small, plenty of bench space and easy access. Our studio is a place to meet printmakers, work collaboratively, build skills and produce prints using quality equipment. We program a range of gatherings, workshops, exhibitions and courses throughout the year.


Benedict Stewart – Musical Instrument Maker.


Benedict Stewart is a maker of fittings and completes restorations & repairs of fretted stringed and period woodwind.  Benedict crafts Baroque & Romantic period and Contemporary musical instruments for professional and enthusiast players.

More than two decades dedicated to the pursuit of the trade has seen Benedict work with some of Australia’s significant instrument makers and manufacturers.

Benedict has established a reputation for producing high quality musical instruments that have found their way around the globe. Benedict also advises on qualifications and teaches specialist classes in his craft at Lot19 and NCAT Preston.  He also teaches construction of guitars at Museum of Modern Art, Verona Italy.

Ewin Wood


Ewin has been actively producing display and exhibition material for museums, science, education, and cultural institutions for 25 years.

A trained museum preparator specialising in model making, mould-making, plant and animal recreations and exhibition production.

On one week in his Lot 19 studio an insect model will be having its fine details added, the next week he may be working with a team to build a full scale dinosaur skeleton.

Lot 19 is an oasis of nature, art and industry; a great fit for Ewins work.

Photo by Leonie VanEyk

Other artists working at Lot 19 include:  

  • Helen Bodycomb (mosaicist)
  • Nici Wright (sculptor, artist in many mediums)
  • Jane Rusden (printmaker)
  • Sheri McKerrow (marketing)
  • Leonie van Eyk & Rachel Guy (visual media)
  • Rodney Hampton (drawing and printmaking)
  • Ann Ferguson (ceramacist)
  • JP (object maker)
  • Julian Hester (performer)
  • Zoe Hambleton & Tobias Richardson (painting)
  • Wendy Rowlands (musician & shiatzu practitioner)