the gallery is run by mark anstey (, and ashley mariani. we are thrilled to have occasional help with artistic development, administration and marketing, so we are steadily becoming flash!

the studios are frequented and adored by mark anstey (furniture maker), ewin wood (, helen bodycomb (mosaicist), nici wright (sculptor, artist in many mediums), yodhi bergman (painter), zac brennan (composer, painter), ashley mariani (text, visual artist), jane rusden (printmaker), david hart (coiled spring studio- writer, visual artist, illustrator), sally abbot (writer), lionie van eyk (visual media),  sime nugent (artist, sculptor, musician), benedict stewart (music instrument maker), TROUBLE MAGAZINE (art heroes), rodney hampton (drawing and painting), ann ferguson (ceramacist), kir larwill (printmaker), kirsten krauth (writer), inta krumins (paint and recipient of the first lot19 chrysalis project space), and judith van heeren (painter). we also have a variety of resident foodies slaving away in the kitchen producing quality bespoke food wares, including the new lot19 caterers (in mamas kitchen) ‘growing abundance’ using local/seasonal ingredients! phew…

and… we are nearing completion of ‘castlemaine clay’ (new open access ceramics studio), with ‘castlemaine press'(new open access printmaking studio) up and running…

MARK ANSTEY- furniture maker, woodworker, boatbuilder

‘i have been making beautiful furniture since 1990.

i aim to create personal works of great meaning for my clients, and spend much energy in design.

when i make a drawer, i want it to operate ‘invisibly’ with little impact, not jamming, with the handle the right size for the drawer. i want my clients to look at the furniture after years of living with it, and feel as if it has become a valued part of them, and enhanced their life

i also delve in to interesting and good quality shop fitting, such as the local in st kilda and darlinghurst, and castlemaine fitouts including origini, the good table and the public inn

i will consider any request! anything is possible

i can be contacted through this the homepage, as lot19 is my vision…’