SPRING SCULPTURE PRIZE – opens oct 11th 2-5pm, runs weekends 12 – 5 til oct 26th


Lot19 strikes again with the 5th annual Spring Sculpture Prize incorporating the 9th annual Tonksculpture Prize with prizes amounting to over $6500. Lot19 in the heart of the Central Goldfields, has established itself as an important regional arts precinct, with the Spring Sculpture Prize attracting an excellent calibre of sculpture from local, Melbourne and international artists alike. We are receiving an increasing number of entries from school kids in the region.  “It’s great to see local artists exhibiting equally alongside international artists, and it is particularly exhilarating to see the quality of work coming out of the kids” said Mark Anstey, Founder of Lot19. This year’s exhibition features intimate indoor and large – scale outdoor works in a variety of mediums in the inspiring gallery and magnificent grounds of Lot19, an arts oasis once described as Montsalvat meets Mad Max.  The works will be eagerly viewed by independent judges Jennifer Kalionis, Jonathan Leahey and Deborah Ratcliffe with the $2000 Lot19 prize divided as they choose.  The Tonks hardware team offers a generous $1500 prize among others, with other prizes offered by The Hub Foundation $1000, Universal Power and Light $300, Art Supplies Castlemaine $250 voucher, Tom Chippindall and Bent Iron Work kids awards $50 each. Judging is in the spirit of support, gratitude and encouragement. The festivities begin at 2pm October 11th, with music from the south of Italy SANTA TARANTA, speeches, and Mama’s Kitchen and Papa’s Bar open.

judges for the lot19 Spring Sculpture Prize 2014 are, on behalf of the lot19 curators…


Jennifer Kalionis director of the Castlemaine Art Gallery and Museum


Deborah Ratliff Visual Arts Coordinator for the Castlemaine State Festival


Sam Deal prolific sculptor represented by Australian Galleries


They divided the lot19 prize as follows


$800 Domenica Wallace, new life hanging in the balance, #5


$600 Kirsten Bishop, under construction, #15


$600 Jane Creenaune, semaphore III, #10


the Tonksculpture team awarded


$1500, Alex Sanson, distant ripple, #1 outdoors


$100 vouchers to Kerry Cannon, the thin ice, #14, Ann Ferguson, boulder bowl billabongs, #18, and Taron Stanley, the ring spin thing, #6


The Hub Foundation Sustainability Award


$333 each to Domenica Wallace, new life hanging in the balance, #5… Roger McKindley, gathered together, #4 outdoors, and Craig Stephens, woppa macca, #4


Universal Power and Light


$300 Leslie Thornton, cityscape, #1, plus free power advice for sculptors…


Art Supplies Castlemaine


$250 voucher, Greg Hatton, bike, #2 outdoors


Tom Chippendall Kids Award


$50 each to Molly Hoyne, penguin, #26 and Juliette Wilson, magic still grows, #30


Bent Ironwork Kids Award


$50  Laila Amor, a snake place, #22