Present: Jane Rusden + Dee Gill + Helen Seligman, 6th-22nd Sept


Opening Celebration: Saturday 7th September, 2-5pm

Exhibition Dates: 6th September – 22nd September

Open Times: Fri, Sat, Sun, 11am-5pm

Artist Statements:

“I feel the world is standing on the edge of a precipice, and we don’t know what’s at the bottom. There is so much uncertainty around world politics and climate change, the only sure thing is that the world is in flux, perhaps in a direction never seen before and at a rate never experienced before. Of course the repercussions are broad and planet wide, but what I know intimately is my patch. My focus is on the natural world, the flora and fauna within it and particularly birds, as I’m a complete bird nerd and bird watcher. 

I’ve had to be brave to depict birds in my work, coming from a Zoological and conservation background, I know how to be very specific. However in my artwork I’m more interested in how a place feels, the sense of a landscape and the species within it, how a place can transport you and where it takes you.

My usual practice is to camp and spend time in a place before I even put pencil to paper, I try to let the dirt, rocks and wildlife get under my skin. My favourite place to make work is with the paper lying directly on the ground and me sitting with it. With the application of water and watercolour pigment, the paper gently moulds to the shape of the ground and the pigment pools in the depressions. Sitting on ground is often scratchy, prickly and rocks push into skin and bone. It’s not overly comfortable, but I get a good sense of the site. I notice the plants with thorns and how sharp the rocks are. One of the treats of sitting in one place for a period of time, is that wildlife sometimes wanders past, birds fly over and forage, and very occasionally discover me and have a good old look at me and what I’m doing.

So where is the world headed? I can’t begin to answer that question and I doubt the answer is a positive one. But I can celebrate native species, I can adore natural places and I can attempt to give others a taste of what it’s like to walk in the BoxIronbark forest and watch birds at Gluepot Reserve. Today I can celebrate the wonder of the natural world.”
-Jane Rusden

“There have been some long interludes but here I am, still making prints.

It was the magic which happens between pencil, plate and press which first drew me in. Printmaking is, by it’s very nature, a transformative medium. I continue to be entranced by the myriad of processes and technical possibilities it offers. The works in this exhibition, some old, some brand new, illustrate some of these possibilities.”
-Helen Seligman