Helen Bodycomb: Mosaicism – Thinking in Mosaic

Opening Celebration: Saturday 27 July, 2pm.  Wine, beer and tapas by Dulce Lunar.  Cash only.

Exhibition Hours: 26 July – 11 August, 2019.  Open Friday-Sunday, 11am-5pm (or by special arrangement).

Artist Statement:


This exhibition forms the conclusion of my PhD in Visual Art with La Trobe University, a four-year long full-time research project exploring classical mosaic principles and the act of making in contemporary works. The exhibition is an installation featuring three works exploring the fluidity of matter, in which Mosaicism is both a mode of thinking as well as making.

‘Shroud’ is a two-part work exploring material biodegradability and place, specifically my enduring relationship with the flora and fauna ecologies of Vaughan in central Victoria.

‘The Material and The Immaterial’ is a large sculptural, synesthetic wall installation; effectively a geometric wall drawing expressing material inter-relationships and a sensation of growth and subsidence.

The third work ‘Attrition’ is a video work revealing the reciprocal relationship between maker and material, via the looping of making and un-making.

I am privileged to have been a Lot19 resident artist for almost 13 years, and so it is my great pleasure to be able to hold this personally significant exhibition on my home turf in the Lot19 Gallery.

Helen Bodycomb

July 2019