Geoff Crosby + Otto Crosby Loder Exhibition: 14 Feb – 1 March

Drawings and Works on Paper 2019 – Geoff Crosby

Photographs 2019 – Otto Crosby-Loder

OPENING CELEBRATION: Saturday 15th February, 2p-5pm.

EXHIBITION OPEN HOURS: 14th Feb – 1st March, Fri-Sun, 11am-5pm. (or by appointment)

“The works in this show are in various media on paper, predominantly landscape based. The usual process is to draw in the land, usually quite small. Then increase the scale in the studio, moving from pencil to ink or from watercolour to coloured pencil. Some work has gone through a further transformation to even bigger by a factor of nine. This means sketches of the bush on A4 paper end up gestural pieces in sepia ink wash on 81 A4 pieces of paper, combining to over 2.7 high by 1.8 metres wide. The mark then becomes the subject as a record of an engagement with tangle of close up nature. There is no long view, in a way that is reversed; the stretch is backwards into the detail but also into the body through the mark.” – Geoff Crosby