Food Concert: 25-29 March


Food Concert is a performance that opens a space for participants to dwell on their relationships with food. Sensorial experiences, social relations and collective actions are central in the work. If we could store and cook intangible things such as love, what ingredients would you add or omit? A feast is expected—but will you eat what you have no control over making?

Chun-Liang Liu is an interdisciplinary artist based in Taipei and the Creative Director of Long Distance Collective Theatre Company in Taiwan. Her works explore sensorial experiences and their relationship with space.


Mon 25 March, 1pm and 6pm

Tues 26 March, 1pm and 6pm

Wed 27 March: 1pm and 6pm

Thurs 28 March: 6pm

Fri 29 March:1pm and 6pm

DURATION: 60 minutes


Food Concert will be performed at Lot 19 as part of Castlemaine State Festival 2019. For more details and to book, head to the festival website: