candy stevens – to market

opens Friday 22nd Sept at 5pm

open 3 weekends 12-5pm until oct 8th

Through my work I try to make links between human behaviour and the environment.

As a grazing nation, the Australian landscape has been extensively manipulated and transformed, dramatically changing the terrain and the way it is inhabited. As an introduced and domesticated species, cattle subsist in vast quantities with beef and dairy industries playing an integral role in the Australian economy.


Sewing second hand items together into the patterned meat sections I’m toying with the idea that ‘you are what you eat’. I’ve used clothing to relate human consumption with animal and land consumption. Each item has personal, historical and emotional attributes chosen for its feminine and maternal coloring and textures. These human remnants remake the hide as a commentary on animal ‘husbandry’ and the subjection of the Australian landscape to the cattle industry.


The iconic shape of cow hides bear resemblance to territories or nations; divided by state lines or paddocks in the way animals are segmented into meat cuts. Black and white images question grey areas in industry and personal choice. The artist walks to market, vulnerable and exposed, the cow appears hesitant, reluctant and wary. The inevitability of human consumption looms.