Cameron Robbins: Shadow Phase, 22-31 March


“Each day, drawings accumulate from thousands of consecutive lines, each made as sunlight filters through cloud, atmosphere and trees, to motivate a solar-motor driven pen. The character of each day comes through its skein of lines, as the infinitely changeable atmosphere and tree shadows govern the solar energy falling onto the outdoor Photo Voltaic Panel and electrically driving the motor and pen. 

Without battery storage, if the sun stops shining, the line stops. Cloudy moments, shade, and nights the pen lies still, while the paper constantly creeps along powered by mains electricity. Gaps left between each bundle of lines, revealing the paper…a drawing of time, trees’ dappled light and shadow, and solar energy.  

Drawings are made over the duration of a day, sometimes longer or shorter, as the paper-roller speed is infinitely adjustable.” – Cameron Robbins, Jan 2019

Part of the Castlemaine State Festival Programme.

Exhibition Open Times:

Friday 22nd March 10am-5pm

Saturday 23rd March 10am-6pm OPENING 4pm-6pm

Sunday 24th March 10am-5pm

Monday 25th March 10am-5pm

Tuesday 26th March 10am-5pm

Wednesday 27th March 10am-5pm

Thursday 28th March 10am-5pm

Friday 29th March 10am-5pm

Saturday 30th March 10am-5pm

Sunday 31st March 10am-5pm


Cameron’s work makes tangible the underlying structures and rhythms of natural forces. He has produced site-specific installations and exhibitions in art centres, disused buildings and outdoor sites in Australia, Switzerland, Japan, Norway, China, Denmark, Germany and the UK.

These inquiries employ structural devices including kinetic wind, sun, or water powered mechanical systems. Their aesthetic is the result of both careful engineering and resourcefulness. The outputs of these site-specific installations include drawings and sound compositions. These interpretations of the dynamics and scale of the physical world suggest the complexities of the unknown. 

Cameron is based in Victoria, Australia. He plays clarinet and saxophone in jazz and experimental ensembles, and studied Fine Art (Sculpture) at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and the Victorian College of the Arts to 1990;  lectured in art and design at RMIT since 2000; awarded Australia Council Visual Arts Fellowship in 2015, and New Work Grants in 2011 and 2013, and various commissions. 

He is the first Australian artist invited to present a large scale solo exhibition ‘Field Lines’ at the Museum of Old and New Art, Tasmania, in 2016

Cameron Robbins is represented by MARS Gallery & Stockroom Gallery