idyll photo gallery

for some it was serious, others not. and everyone enjoyed themselves...

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not just an event for the pretty boys

but everybody kept looking

the rest of the loafers weren't too bad, from a distance...

and a close up

as for the loaf herself... get on ya bike n ride

the winner... kirsten boerema, pumping out led zeplin's whole lotta love

they've been everywhere man, in castlemaine

dave lewis and pipes does acdc

supa nasty dancers, bustin moves

supa nasty singer as well

the prestigous awards

just try and get rid of those damn dancers... trying to overshadow the magnificent band, the spandex nasties


so emotional

team photographer jim coad

the famous judges... sam craswella, ange hart and doug falconer's famous hand

and illiria

aahhh... there's doug and his hand, with patch and hers... the last of the epidemic of judges

very moving performance by pete

john plays his pipes and tells a very special story

the crowd love it. it will be big next year!


and more winners


and sinners

everyone wins at idyll