building the gallery

the design evolved around readily available recycled materials.

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hmmm... where to begin

it all starts as piles of wood

trusses from stables at flemington racecourse

holes measured and dug, concrete poured, ready to build

one at a time

mat showing us his brilliance

love is a good harness

boys work better if girls are watching

the first truss?

up in the air...

the first truss!

drew, mat, mark and tom do it again


all the trusses up and the end of day 6

later day 6; drew, sandy, tom and bec

later still day 6; drew, sandy, tom and mark

hows the floor? day 7

and the arch?

the arch going up; drew mat and mark

tricky, but spectacular

beuutiful worm work on the arch timber... a fallen tree from a friends block

the future doorway

mark, steve and helen make the front truss

drew and mark put the purlons up


natalia the excellent welder

looking west

tin on the south

row and morgss

the galvanised front truss


mark, pete, row and morgs back wall

row, morgs and tom

rather too close

the ceiling

mark and dades ceiling

starting to look like a gallery
to be continued...