lot19 was founded to celebrate life

lot 19 is an evolving artspace in the central highlands of victoria with studio spaces, an outdoor stage, a contemporary art gallery which also presents excellent music, marionette theatre, performance, and film, and an outdoor sculpture park. We are dedicated to promoting undiluted excellence in the full field of human experience, and are not driven by sales. for our history, and who we are, click here

we are thrilled to announce a new concept, THE CHRYSALIS PROJECT, where lot19 donate a free studio to an emerging artist of particular vigour and talent so they can peruse their craft beyond immediate financial constraints. the first artist to be granted the studio is inta parsons, and we look forward to you becoming aware of her work in the near future! we look forward to this idea having legs, and as the concept develops, supporting a wide range of emerging artists over the years…

we are so happy to now host 26 artists, following the completion of 4 new studios. a further new studio allows us the honour of hosting ‘trouble magazine‘, and a new open-access pottery studio is nearing completion, with a large gas fired top-hat kiln and a small electric kiln. please email expressions of interest, and stay tuned for details. next is an additional new stage… (oops, this building thing is infectious!), and a new studio for a print collective! yep…

There are still a limited number of slots left for new shows: check out our Proposal information for more details! the curators meet to discuss proposals april, july and november, so please have your idea, along with all relevant info and images emailed to us by the first of those months

if you are interested in studio space, please contact mark

where we are…

try mark anstey on 0427 724 149 (9am-6pm), denise martin 0488789852 (9am-6pm), or email lot19artspace@gmail.com. please be patient as we are passionate volunteers…

we are at lot19 langslow street (which is up a little lane called mcshanags drive, off langslow st!) castlemaine 3450 victoria australia (map below)

mailing address: po box 937 castlemaine, 3450, victoria, australia

Current Shows

sarah gosling- july 12th (2-5) open 3 weekends 12-5

sarah gosling-  july 12th (2-5) open 3 weekends 12-5

sarah gosling- july 12th (2-5) open 3 weekends 12-5 (no music sat!)

Sarah's love of the material aspects of painting as well as a desire to create new visual and emotional experiences in painting have created an ever-evolving artistic practice in which experimentation is a vital element. Her vibrant canvases are dominated by animal and human figures. The content is driven by a fascination in all human/animal relationships, from how we interact, engage and delight in our fellow species, to how we control and exterminate them. Her work is also strongly influenced by an interest in the study of ethics and morality. Sarah’s content and ideas are investigated through a combination of figuration and abstraction and her use of bold loose brushstrokes and strong contrasting colours are an exploration into the potential emotive power of painting.

Sarah strives to create a visual language which excites and engages the viewer.

Sarah Gosling was born in 1984 in Melbourne, Victoria. A natural passion for painting led her to study Visual Arts at Chisholm Institute, Frankston completing her diploma in 2005. She later obtained a Bachelor of Fine Art majoring in painting at Monash University, Caulfield in 2010. In 2013 Sarah was a finalist in the Agendo Emerging Artist Award, Melbourne.

She currently lives and works in Castlemaine, Victoria.

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mary caspar- exhibition july 12th (2-5) open 3 weekends 12-5 an exhibition of ultimate works

mary caspar- exhibition july 12th (2-5) open 3 weekends 12-5 an exhibition of ultimate works

mary caspar- exhibition july 12th (2-5) open 3 weekends 12-5 (no music sat eve!)

There are many reasons to make art… to document, comment, reflect, grieve, forgive, explore, or just because you have to, to quote nietzsche, in order not to die from the truth.

Mary Caspar has been artmaking for many years, after a ‘low culture’ country upbringing deciding to devour all on offer in a fine arts course. Now it is the most important thing in her life, what she gets up for, the love of colour, form and pattern, born to make art. It certainly shows in her work, her understandings, and the obvious perfectionism she demands of herself.

Her sculpture is alive. Her drawings and paintings are precise and skilled reflections of a long internal evolution of ideas, emotions almost, and speak to something of what she feels, as well as achieving completion…

With her ultimate works, from a long career, in oil, charcoal and clay, she invites the viewer to overlay the story. Caspar says the images are not anything that arrived visually but rather after a long time of planning and adjusting. The iconography is not always clear, or even logical, often gutsy fragments planted to assist the overall feeling and visual story, rather than being a clear idea in themselves… There is a woman from another era, none in particular, and an ambiguous but convincing animal, dog or lion, which is expressed purely as a possibility, without knowing why… creating a powerful potent result. Watching is an awkward but perfect boy. The end result speaks clearly and powerfully, individually… her skill guides us through the complex and confusing emotional landscapes to a surprisingly expansive and calm place…

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lot19 to host ‘castlemaine press inc’

lot19 to host ‘castlemaine press inc’

print collective 'castlemaine press' @ lot19

A group of printmakers are working to establish a public access print studio at Lot19, for printmakers near and far – a space where you can hire presses and equipment, do workshops, and collaborate with other printmakers ... interested in this new venture? Register, ask questions, offer your skills, subscribe to our upcoming e-news, get on board … castlemainepress@gmail.com

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spring sculpture prize

spring sculpture prize

seeking submissions for the 2014 spring sculpture prize

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