Lot19 was founded to celebrate life

Lot19 Art Space is an evolving creative space and events venue located in the central highlands of Victoria. The property also consists of 21 artists studios, two outdoor stages, a contemporary art gallery, and an outdoor sculpture park.  We currently accommodate 28 artists in our 21 artists’ studio spaces, including Castlemaine Press, a community access print-making studio, and Castlemaine Clay, a community ceramics facility.

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Image: Holly Engelhardt


Image by Richard Baxter

We are now seeking applications for a new concept, THE CHRYSALIS PROJECT, where Lot19 donate a free studio to an emerging artist of particular vigour and talent so they can pursue their craft beyond immediate financial constraints.  


Who we are…


Where we are…

We are at Lot19 Mcshanag Drive (off Langslow Street), Castlemaine 3450, Victoria, Australia (map below)

Mailing Address: PO Box 937, Castlemaine, 3450, Victoria, Australia.




Current Shows

Cameron Robbins: Shadow Phase, 22-31 March

  “Each day, drawings accumulate from thousands of consecutive lines, each made as sunlight filters through cloud, atmosphere and trees, to motivate a solar-motor driven pen. The character of each day comes through its skein of lines, as the infinitely changeable atmosphere and tree shadows govern the solar energy falling onto the outdoor Photo Voltaic …

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Castlemaine Idyll 2019: 30th March, 1pm-7pm

  Lot19 Art Space proudly presents Castlemaine IDYLL March 30 2019, 1pm-7pm Featuring over 35 performers, a live band, famous judges and more fun than you’ve EVER had! This much loved event is a chance for anyone, yes anyone to put down that hairbrush and take to the stage for real!  Backed by the awesome …

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Open Studio: Museum Makers, 23rd & 24th March

  The Museum Makers studio at Lot 19 will be open to the public on the 23rd & 24th of March, 10am-6pm. (Located at the front left when you first enter the Lot 19 gates.) This is the home of Museum Makers, a new partnership between two of Australia’s leading natural history preparators: Dean Smith …

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OPEN STUDIO – Margot Hutcheson: 23-31 March

  Margot Hutcheson is opening her studio at Lot19 with a few recent paintings and works on paper. The paintings connect several of her current thoughts and depict how she sees the Bardos, the space between things leading to the void, which she represents here as the gap between the hot red earth and the disturbed sky.  In …

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Beyond the Studio Launch: 24 March, 2pm

  Coming to a wall near you…90 portraits 25 reams of paper, 18 documentary photographers and 5 buckets of glue. The walls of Castlemaine are set to become a huge open-air gallery during March as just some of the faces of Castlemaine’s extraordinary creative community are showcased, and we’re launching this project here at Lot 19 Art …

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Food Concert: 25-29 March

  Food Concert is a performance that opens a space for participants to dwell on their relationships with food. Sensorial experiences, social relations and collective actions are central in the work. If we could store and cook intangible things such as love, what ingredients would you add or omit? A feast is expected—but will you …

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The Great Wilcannia Musical Instrument Recombobulation Concert: 7 April, 1pm

  MAINfm presents: The Great Wilcannia Musical Instrument Recombobulation Concert! Archer, Rex, and Zeb are heading to Wilcannia to run musical workshops, forge a relationship between Wilcannia River Radio & MAINfm, record local people and make a bloody great radio series: ‘Adventures of the Heart’.  We need your help to make this happen!  We need …

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